Be An Operator

A Real BBQ Joint Right in Your Store

With as little as 100 square feet, you can add our profitable Rock County Smokehouse® to your current operation. An authorized Broaster® Distributor will work closely with you to determine the most practical layout for your location based on size and the volume of business you desire.

The One-of-a-Kind Smokaroma® Pressure Smoker

Preparing your own real wood-smoked BBQ has never been easier than with this unique equipment. Simply put your choice of real hickory or mesquite wood chips into charring cup. We don’t use liquid concoctions or artificial smoke. Season the meat with the special blended rub of seasonings and spices and place on rack. Clamp in place and set the timer. That’s it. No grill master is needed. No fussing during the cooking cycle is needed. During the cooking process, moisture from the meat creates pressure, which drives the smoke all through the meat. At the same time, the meat is cooked and browned.

The Result: Ready-to-serve deliciously authentic BBQ in a fraction of the time!

Trademark Food Opportunities Available Now

What’s Included?

Our program supplies you with everything you need, from our state-of-the-art Smokaroma pressure smoker, accessory cooking equipment, menu boards, and colorful in-store lighted signs to easy, delicious recipes for producing great BBQ in a third of the time it takes to smoke in a conventional smoker.

  • Quality Broaster Equipment
  • Seasonings & Sauces
  • Packaging & Apparel
  • Advertising Support
  • On-site Training
  • Ongoing Support & Assistance

What Are the Requirements?

With Rock County Smokehouse, you get everything you need to succeed. What you don’t get is a franchise fee. Because there isn’t any!

Licensed Rock County Smokehouse operators simply need to comply with the following:

  • Cook in our exclusive Smokaroma Pressure Smoker.
  • Promote your Rock County Smokehouse program using the specified signage and packaging.
  • Prepare Rock County Smokehouse menu items using the specified cuts of meat.
  • Use of Rock County Smokehouse exclusive rubs and sauces.
  • Have a signed, licensed trademark agreement on file with the Broaster Company.